Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2 new books from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing

Justyn from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing sent us a note that next month they will have two new releases: JEMMA7729 by Phoebe Wray and Sword Masters by Selina Rosen. Here is some of the information on the books.

JEMMA7729 by Phoebe Wray The civil unrest is over. Citizens live in domed megacities, the only safe and healthy places. Or so Jemma7729 has been told and believes. But when her father takes her into the Countryside, and she sees the stars in a free night sky, she begins to doubt everything she's learned. And to challenge it. The State responds quickly: incarceration. Jemma escapes, becomes a notorious saboteur, leader of a revolutionary shadow government. Many applaud her as a heroine, but the State wants her for rebellion, female aggression, failure to make choices, and inappropriate behavior. If Jemma7729 is caught, she faces immediate, permanent and uncontestable deletion. JEMMA7729 by Phoebe Wray $15.95 US 256 pages

Sword Masters by Selina Rosen
The Sword Masters have strict rules about who can and who can not be one of them, but Tarius is determined to avenge the death of her father and she doesn't care about the Jethrik's archaic rules or about breaking them. Especially the one that says women can't wield steel. Her parents were both great warriors and upon her father's death at the hands of their ancestral enemy the Amalites, his cause becomes hers. Like her father before her, she joins the Sword Masters academy. But while he only kept one secret from them, she is keeping two. When the headmaster's beautiful, willful daughter Jena falls in love with her thinking she's a man, she knows that this, and not an enemies sword or spear, will be her undoing. Tarius leads the Armies of the King in battle after battle, securing a victory for him against the Amalites. She though she saves the King's life not once but twice, she knows that even this won't stop his wrath when he learns all that she truly is.
Sword Masters by Selina Rosen $19.95 US 354 pages


(I will see what I can do to get some review material in the near future, Thanks Justynpac)

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