Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A two-mile high tower to house over a million people

Hey, who has read "The World Inside" by Robert Silverberg? Remember, it was about what he called an Urban Monad - A lofty spire a thousand stories high, where over 880000 souls. Well it seems that Eugene Tsui has a design for a two-mile high, one-mile wide eco-topian tower that houses one million people and contains its own ecosystems. He suggests that the Tower will be completely non-mechanical, with air and light fed into the living areas via a central shaft. All living spaces will be 100 feet square, with at least fifty percent of that given over to ground vegetation. Floors will be full of lakes, ravines, and trees. The one-mile base of the tower will sit in a giant lake that will act as a cooling system, and later turn into precipitation on each floor.

click here for the compete article in IO9

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