Monday, June 20, 2011

Beam Me UpEpisode 266 online!

This week on Beam Me Up episode 266 - I start first with a geek tribute to nerd Farthers everywhere! Singer songwriter John Anealio gives us Geek Dad which can be downloaded for free mind you!

The first story of the day is our ongoing serial Dark Inspectre from writer Jason Kahn. In this month’s episode para-normal detective Jack Garett finds that his investigation has brought him to the wrong of the table when brought in for questioning in an unusually brutal murder investigation - only to find a warning of dangerous dealings from a most unusual ally.

The Main story this week is part one of Luna Voices on the Solar Winds by Nick Wood. In the first part of this great story - a research outing on the surface of the Moon goes horribly wrong when a science / research outing gets trapped in the open by a solar eruption which blinds their maps, and scrambles their communications. Plus the leader of the expedition knows where they are, only problem, he is unconscious. Now a man caught between the old ways of his grandfather and being accepted in the high tech present and a deaf girl must learn to communicate and trust each other to find their way back to base. Help come in an unusual voice from the past.....

From the beam me up blog: I review the anime version of Witchblade, thankfully its not the crappy tnt version!, Is Dark Energy a lie? Is there no such thing or is time simply running out? Voyager one is closer than ever to leaving the solar system proper. Will turbines replace the beating human heart someday, and a Japanese researcher has created fake meat from all thing, sewage mud! Believe it or not its the world’s first Turd Burger?!

BMU episode 266

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