Wednesday, June 01, 2011

New Brain Implant Tech for Detecting & Treating Seizures - Terminal Man anyone?

Science Daily blog has an interesting article concerning new technology that "detect(s) a number of neurological symptoms, such as .... epileptic seizure(s), and treating them simultaneously. Now I know this is not exactly ground breaking because some form of this tech has been talked about since the 90s at the very least and very similar tech is used for and in the case of extreme heart disease to shock a fibrillating heart back to sinusoidal rhythm and there has been discussion of a form of EST in severe depression. This tech is aiming at a different procedure by "loading specific drugs onto an array of electrodes and triggering their release into ... neurons"

What really differentiates this technology from past ones, other than using chemicals instead of electro-shock, comes from the article also.
  • On top of this, the researchers have also demonstrated how the release of drugs could be informed, in real-time, by the recording of activity in neurons, a step essential for creating a closed-loop system that both diagnoses and treats symptoms simultaneously
Its a fascinating idea but it did call to mind Crichton's Terminal Man. You can read the complete Science Daily article here

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