Friday, June 24, 2011

Nevada OKs Driverless Cars?

Will Nevada be the first state to have driverless cars on the highway? Well according to this article in Popsci (via Boing Boing) not anytime in the near future but what has taken place IS big in its' own right. recently a bill was passed that granting the Department of Transportation the authorization to draft a set of regulations and rules governing autonomous cars.

From the article:
  • The legislation charges the Nevada DOT with creating the legal framework that will determine things like performance standards and licensing requirements, as well as designating certain areas within the state where autonomous cars might be tested.
So, no cars without drivers zoomin down the highways of Nevada, but they will be the first to have a framework in place when testing begins and considering some states are still struggling with low speed electrics, this kind of thing is very forward thinking.

Popsci article


Homer said...

They need to make this a requirement on the Strip...hahaha. Anyone that doesn't use the pedestrian overpasses or the monorail is taking their lives into their own hands. I've been to Vegas several times on business and I don't have a problem with highway system myself. It's not that much crazier than my home state of SC (believe it or not).

Beam Me Up said...

oh hell yes! and take bets on who gets plowed under first! I just cant bring myself to talk about a handicapping system.... oh I am going to hell for that..I just know it....