Monday, June 13, 2011

A Galaxy With Two Super Massive Black Holes?!! How'd that happen?

What is more scary than one huge black monstrosity that consumes everything that come withing reach of massive jaws and ravenous appetite? Two scary black monsters that's what!

Check the pic that I have posted with this entry that I found in the Daily Galaxy.

It is generally accepted now that every galaxy has a singularity massing millions of solar masses or in rare cases a billion of our sun's mass located at it's center.

So here we have a picture of a galaxy 425 million light-years distant. Both super massive black holes are pumping out prodigious amounts of energy. Even though they look like they are close in a cosmic kind of way, they are actually separated by 11,000 light years! According to the Daily Galaxy article that equals about 1/3 the distance from the edge of the Milky-Way towards the center.

The presence of two super massive black holes most likely occurred when two galaxies collided.
You would think that dual super massive singularities would be a fairly rare occurrence but it seems that astronomers are if not common, a lot more likely to take place when galaxies do collide.

The Daily Galaxy article is a fascinating read - check it out here


John said...

Btw, I commented on this once before... Remember (Inverse Sphere Theory)??? I talked about how eventually all black holes will collide into 1 super massive hole? Hmmm... Btw, I also said that our universe is layered like an onion. Before I head out for the night... Let me ask 1 thing... Name 1 sphere in this universe which isn't layered to some extent... ??? So, with that in mind, why would our own universe be any different? Do you suppose that if you were living at the core you'd have any idea as to the surface's existence? Me thinks not...

Beam Me Up said...

On a clouded sky, who yearns for the stars? huh?

You know John, I really would like to think that our universe had some cyclic function at the end, but the inverse square of the distance far from being your foil is going to turn and bite. Whether bounce or big bang the universe is still expanding at an ever increasing rate. Inflation is still in play and relativity says that the expansion has to happen equally in all directions everywhere and even when you work in mass warping space (they still have not found gravity waves yet) V will continue at an increasing rate. My algebra sucks but I know Delta V is a factor of T (time) distance (is that D?) plus a fraction of C, not the reciprocal but an increasing fraction of C.
Plus I still hold to the evaporation theory of a singularity. They are in no way shape or form monolithic entities. I am willing to bet the only reason we have not seen one go yet is that the universe is still by comparison to young and there is still plenty of high quality mass around. Things will get weird when quarks start splitting on the event horizon. I would say mark my words but by the time this happens the milky way itself will have gone cold. And I have become incomprehensible again....

John said...

I don't disagree right off hand... Honestly, many of the theories will remain such far beyond our years simply because of the rate & which the universe pushes forwards through time.... It really isn't that old. So yeah, many of the things we're talking about will show little evidence of their eventual manifestation... However... I ask you good sir... Explain Cosmic Bruises.

I think it's the inner sphere (our universe) bouncing up against the middle sphere... Which leads credibility to my own theory imho. And from my understanding... There is no "true" uniform expansion... It's "uniform" enough... In the sense that it's as "uniform" as it can be without actually being such... Mathematically speaking... Which is why you would not see "uniform" bruising... However, within the near future we should see more of these cosmic bruises.

Beam Me Up said...

To be honest John I really think it was highly unprofessional of Penrose to bypass peer review totally and release early conjecture and Feeney I don't think is helping at all. But even Feeney says that its way to easy to see patterns where there really arent any. To be honest I can barely talk intelligently on MWBR Can there be multiple universes, why the hell not!I have as much said on the program that its possible that another universe resides right beside outs0ppibly residing fractions of a inch away from ours. Do I consider the multi causative universes likely...very much so. but to be honest, I have information hardly a week old that people in the know are not even quite sure what they have. Could it be proof of a collision? sure, could it be a blip or a fluke...just as likely I suppose. I am going to wait and let the guys that know what they are looking at to come to some conclusion. One think I can say, you know your ahead of the curve when the wiki hasn't anything definitive yet either.... Sorry, just haven't got more than a smidgen of info on it not enough to make heads or tails out of yet.