Monday, June 27, 2011

BMU # 267 Luna Voices on the Solar Winds conclusion

In episode 267, I open the program with a track from Weird Al's new album, a parody of Lady GaGa's Born this Way called "I perform this way!" This song strikes (excuse the pun) a cord with me plus it shows that Al Yankovich still has the mojo.

Earth and Sky is a new addition to the program. They provide science articles to podcasts of various lengths that I plan on bringing snippets to the program each week. This week is about the search for Dark Matter, and a plan to build a nineteen mile long particle accelerator in hopes of creating the elusive particle.

From the BMU blog at, The ESA is developing a space transport vehicle while the US is fast becoming a cargo cult to its' own space effort, Nevada has said OK for Driverless Cars to operate on their roads, well it is a bit more complicated than that, but when it DOES happen they most likely will be first. New technology in the works that might mean you will never have to worry about focusing your camera EVER! I review not the Lang version but an obscure anime version from 2001!

And finally part two and the conclusion to Nick Wood's fantastic story Luna Voices on the Solar Winds. In part 2, a painful and gruesome death awaits. He is already seeing things.....because what he does see can not possibly be there under ANY circumstances! Let alone the the raw radiation environment of the airless moon!

That and more, plus some general ravings this week in episode 267 of Beam Me Up

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