Monday, June 06, 2011

Review: Megamind animated feature

Directed by Tom McGrath
Will Ferrell - Megamind
Tina Fey - Roxanne Ritchie
Jonah Hill - Hal
David Cross - Minion
Brad Pitt - Metro Man
and a cameo by Ben Stiller as Bernard

Sooooooo after my disaster with live action at the hands of the atrocious Green Hornet, I decided to fall back on the tried and true.....Animation! well I like

Here is a question for you.... What would happen if Clark Kent got tired of being Superman? Who would step up and fill the void?

Megamind is up to a certain point the Superman mythos. But instead of one being from a doomed far away planet we have two. Megamind a hyper intelligent blue alien and Metroman invulnerable do gooder. Oh and of course Megamind has his alien sidekick, a somewhat mutated fish called Minion.

They have battled each other over the years since they both arrived on Earth. Megamind never quite catches a break, where as Metroman is Metrocity’s hero.

All this changes when it seems by some twist of fate, Megamind succeeds in dispatching Metroman and goes on an orgy of excess.

Megamind soon discovers that without his long time foe, life in Metrocity becomes mundane, and hatches a plan to recreate Metroman to have someone to battle. Things are mostly going as planned when bumbling Hal accidentally gains Metroman’s abilities.

Hal instead of becoming the city’s protector discovers that he still doesn’t get the girl of his dreams (Roxanne Ritchie) and instead to be even more evil than Megamind and sets out to destroy him. Megamind finds himself on the opposite side of the good guy bad guy fence. For the first time, he might be the good guy!

I don’t want to give away some of the twists and mild surprises that might make the movie a bit more fun for you.

Overall the animation is great fun. I didn’t see the 3D version as I rented the BR-DVD but I really don’t think I missed much. The dialogue is fast and funny with just the proper amount of camp thrown in with a wink and a nod. The sound track uses the music quite well and often you like me will find your toes tapping. As for the extras, One large lack I noticed is that my copy did not contain the cartoon short that was mentioned, however the commentary track was a lot of fun to listen to. Not as sophisticated as some, but entertaining none the less. There is a missing scene and not much else, but it was a worthy add on for the dvd. The movie I would give an 8 and the extras good but lacking a 6 for an overall of 7 which I feel is a bit low so I would say its an easy 7 and probably an 8. Worth the watch.

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