Friday, June 17, 2011

Massive Flash is most likely Black Hole pulling a star in...

Dan gave me a heads up on something we have been reading about over the past several weeks. In March, scientist observed a huge outpouring of energy from a galaxy 3.8 billion light years from Earth. Astronomers have concluded that a star roughly the size of our SOL orbited in to close to a black hole where it was ripped apart by tidal forces and pulled inside the event horizon. This forced huge amounts of x-ray energy to be emitted at the poles one of which was aimed at Earth.
From the article:
  • The awesome energy released by the feeding frenzy was first detected by NASA’s Swift satellite on March 28 and was later confirmed by a fleet of space and ground telescopes.
At first the pulse was thought to be a super-massive star collapsing to neutron or black hole stage causing a GRB (gamma ray burst) but instead of dimming within a few hours the huge outpouring lasted for days and then weeks - leading scientists to conclude that the explanation had to be the destruction of a Sol class star by a singularity.

Alicia Chang writing for AP article
in Daily Chronicle

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