Thursday, June 23, 2011

Focus After the Shot! Science Fiction Photography!

Anyone that has known me for any time at all knows that I have been an avid photographer (didn't say good, just avid!) since the late 60s. I tend to be a bit old fashioned in how I like to shoot and what I shoot with. To be honest though, I did take to digital in the 90s and barely looked back. However I still shoot with a SLR just that it has a D on it now. One thing among many that has always been a bit of a bother was getting the focus sharp. Auto focus is at best a stop gap because you never quite know exactly its choosing to focus. Now what would it be like to focus AFTER the picture has be taken. Something right out of science fiction right? Not any more!


Homer said...

OK - I was waiting for this day to come!! Knew it was only a matter of time. I think back to the late 70's, me and my trusty old Minolta XG-9 workhorse. That was one of the best existing light cameras I have ever seen!! It had an awesome depth of field and consistently gave me great pics. I've gone Nikon DSLR (still have a Minolta xTsi for a 35mm backup). How long do you think it will be until Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro incorporates this into their products? Now everyone can be a master photographer!

Beam Me Up said...

XGs nice cameras...k1000 for me after a Yashica really love that Pentax and yep, still have it and went with a Samsung that builds the Pentax dslr so I can still use the lens some what. The DSLR is the first auto focus I had in a slr format. Its slow and noisy and my eyes are getting bad enough I can not trust myself to get the sharpest focus.

I don't see photoshop ever getting it because at its core is the micro lensing so its not ALL software, and I am not sure who that will fit in with the larger cameras. I am willing to bet the first place we see them is in cellphones and the ilk and maybe the small point and shoots. We shall see.