Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Witchblade: The Anime Series

Ok, before you say omg and stop reading, I am not talking about the TV series or even the Top Cow graphic novel that had similar plot lines, Nope, I am talking about full on mature viewers only Gonzo anime. Now, for you that don't remember the waste of photons that was called Witchblade, it and the Top Cow graphic novel followed Sara Pezzini a tough as nails NY cop who comes into possession of the Witchblade, a supernatural, sentient artifact with immense destructive and protective powers. The weapon has bonded with various other women throughout history. Ok, well I never saw the graphic novel, but did catch a season on TNT and it was a major yawn. So why am I talking about this snore of a tv series, well when I first heard about the anime series I though that I was in for 24 episodes of the same crap as the tv show.

So let me tell you was I surprised! Witchblade is nothing like the tnt Debacle. In the Anime series, set in a future Tokyo that has been mostly destroyed by a mysterious force six years ago. Masane and her daughter Rihoko Amaha were the only ones who survived the titanic explosion that was Toyko's downfall. Masane has no memory from before only that she wears an odd bracelet. Masane is hired by Yuusuke Tozawa to hunt down biological fighting machines that some how went rouge. So we find out Masane is wearing the Witchblade which we find out may be killing her. I really just sat on the series for a long time until I broke over a couple evenings ago...lol

I really don't want to give away to much, because the series in anime is surprisingly good. Now I saw it on Hulu so I did didn't get any extras but even so, the 24 episodes (you can get them in dub or sub) but I would still rate this a 9. Worth checking out! not the tv crap Japanese anime with lots of bare skin (hence the mature audience) I think you might like it if your into Anime.


JoshM said...

Wow. You very precisely predicted my immediate response, right there in the first sentence!

So, okay, maybe I'll think about giving this a go.

Beam Me Up said...

No really, you have got to check it out. The story arc is sane, the characters for the most part are not cardboard cutouts (remember I said for the most part, this IS ANIME so character traits are blown out of proportion.) and can be identified with. But where that god awful excuse that TNT foisted fell flat was the transformation that the blade brings and dare I say the clearly "pleasurable" experience the blade's wielder experiences when destroying her opponent. It is clearly a mature anime product, not hentai but it walks a fine line of distinction.
I was steered to Hulu but I am sure there are other outlets. This would be one I would add to my library. It's easily as good as Lain.