Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Weirdness" at Eureka

I was reading over on IO9 about the first half season or so of the Sci-fi channels Eureka which read really good about the addition of a corporate mystery woman and the passing of Nathan Stark.

It's worth a read on many levels. But then the weirdness started rolling in. First off it seems the sheriff's home computer SARAH has a twitter site. This message was posted there recently:
Security sensors have detected an alert concerning a Mary Perkins. If you have information regarding her whereabouts, call
202-640-3864. On the Eureka unscripted site you see this message, which is very similar: Have information on her whereabouts? Call us at 202-640-3864.

The phone number works, seems to be hooked to a "cell phone message". You should record it, because it almost incomprehensible. However if you don't have that capability, you can go to this Eureka discussion group and there is a LINK to the recorded file and more talk. There seems to be some speculation that there might be an Eureka ARG (alternate reality game) in the wind.

It working on generating buzz for the program and I think it is working. To bad Sci-fi didn't put more of this effort onto some of the other equally good offerings.

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