Sunday, August 03, 2008

Something Weird going on with the Phoenix Lander

This is what I just read on the web page: Phoenix has found something more compelling than water - President Bush informed.

Damn! now that sounds very mysterious. However NASA scientists are quick to point out that t they have not discovered direct evidence for life on Mars. But something is going on and it's important enough that NASA and the University of Arizona are going to great lengths to keep the details out of the public domain!
The official line is: the Phoenix team need more time to analyze the complex data they’ve received and will wait till mid-August at the earliest to make a press release.

The release in Universe Today is a bit more forthcoming: new data appears to indicate the "potential for life"

But the 800 lb. gorilla here is that this is all good and fine, and very exciting, but since when does that instantly rate informing the leader of the free world?

<- UPDATE NASA say Mars environment could support extreme lifeforms ->


wolfkahn said...

I've been reading about this, too. Very unusual is right. They seem to sending very mixed messages stating no direct evidence for life has been found, yet apparently waiting for peer review from Science, which would mean a big find.

I think the media may be overplaying the reporting to the president aspect (it seems little more than a standard report to the Presidential Science adviser passed on in a daily or weekly briefing). We'll have to wait and see - I'm intrigued but not expecting too much.

Paul said...

Yeah, it could be overplaying, which is a very real possibility, but consider, since when does the President get the word. Well one time comes to mind....when they found "microbes" in the Martian meteor. Make your own conclusions.

S.M.D. said...

I almost thought you were going to say they found his brain...which would be quite a find indeed.

paul said...

well that would explain the "can't fool me half of all the time" comment.

Shaun A. Saunders said...

Fear not, s.m.d, according to my handy Bush countdown desk calendar, he only has 168 days left in office!!!

Wolfkahn seems to have the situation summed up - unless there are other agendas at play!