Thursday, August 14, 2008

Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time possible movie?

SF Scope writes that Universal has options the 12 volume Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. From the article:
This is a project that makes the Harry Potter series look like a walk in the park. Not only is it twice as long, but huge in scope! I have been following the series pretty religiously ( yeah I know, not really sci-fi, but I have a good excuse, I loathe buying books that are not read and these were just lying around unopened beckoning to me.... come..... read....come... could not resist) and it has the potential to be every bit as big as Lord of the Rings and Potter if done correctly but the problem being is something that bit Blade Runner and Dune badly. So much of the world is taken for granted that the reader already knows what is going on. What would kill this movie is constant narration, just as it did with the others. But one can hope. And of course we are all waiting for book 12 which Jordan never finished before his death. It had to be finished with the help of his hopes.

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