Sunday, August 10, 2008

Things that make you say, Huh...I didn't know that!

Now here is something that I never knew. According to IO9, our favorite chief engineer Montgomery Scott, or in truth James Doonhan was not only a war hero but carried the sustained injury throughout his acting career. From IO9
  • James Doohan was nineteen years old when he joined the Royal Canadian Artillery, and twenty-four years old when he got his first combat assignment: the invasion of Juno Beach, on the coast of Normandy, on D-Day. After leading his unit to defensive positions for the night, a trigger-happy sentry shot a light machine gun at Doohan, and he took one round through his right middle finger (as well as four shots to the leg and one in the chest). Now there's a situation where amputation is unfortunately guaranteed.
  • In his time as TV's Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise, Doohan's scenes were shot with stunt double hands. You can spot his injury in three episodes: "The Trouble with Tribbles," "Tomorrow Is Yesterday," and "Catspaw."
Huh...did not know that....


wolfkahn said...

Very interesting, I Didn't know that either. I really need to get his autobiography for my Trek collection.

-Dave Tackett

Paul said...

and you got to know that ALL I have been watching is TREK ever since I read that! lol havent spotted it yet, but once you know what your looking for, you can see that the camera angles and doubles are all over the place!