Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nimoy Narrates Dawn Video

Does anything more need be said? Nasa has produced a beautiful new, thirteen minute long, video about the asteroid belt and Dawn's mission to visit Vesta (in 2011) and Ceres (in 2015), the two largest objects in the belt. I'm much more excited about Ceres, but both asteroids should provide good science.

<Dawn's Homepage>


Paul said...

Sweeeeeeeeeet! I watched it twice. Great add. Thank!

wolfkahn said...

I'm a huge Dawn enthusiast because of Ceres, a ridiculously under-explored world. Nimoy's, at times, campy narration was a bonus.

Paul said...

ehhh. you know, I think it detracted. It's a great miision that stands well on it own merits. Nimoy's narration seemed wooden and forced. I have heard him do other things like Theo which were very powerful, so I suspect that it was the material and the way it was presented to him. He could have done a Sagan instead he did a Saget