Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stargate: Atlantis' Canceled

Wayne Hall writing in the SyFy Portal blog is reporting something that should not surprise anyone that has been watching the Sci Fi Channel any time at all: At the end of Atlantis' fifth season which ends in January of 2009, it will end it's weekly run. This all takes place after word that the first several episodes of the fifth season have attracted more viewers, doubling the fans between the ages of 18 and 49, according to a new Turner Research analysis of Nielsen Media Research data. There is some speculation about movies and direct to DVD material, but honestly that hardly makes up for what is proving to be a pattern for Sci-fi "if its science fiction, if its popular, cancel it, put in a reality show and more wraslin"

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****update*** Mark Wilson's Sci Fi/Fantasy blog puts the final nail in the StarGate universe coffin. Mark reports that
Joseph Mallozzi, one of the show-runners for Stargate Atlantis, has confirmed in his blog that the show's currently airing fifth season will be its last.

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