Sunday, August 03, 2008

SpaceX Falcon 1 launch fails

Gizmodo reports that Space X's Falcon 1 rocket failed shortly after launch. Early reports put the failure at the separation of stages 1 and 2 which was to take place about 4 minutes after launch. Part of the payload was the Nasa NanoD experiment which was a test bed for solar sails. Also most unfortunately was James Doohan's ashes. Neither of which made it into low Earth orbit. From the Gizmodo article: Doohan—was one of the 208 people whose ashes were placed on board the Falcon 1 rocket by Celestis, Inc., a company that arranges for loved ones' ashes to be shot into space. Astronaut Gordon Cooper was also aboard the doomed launch.

Right now I think this sux. And I am not going to give the head honcho of Space X Elton Musk any more print space than he deserves other that to say I think his "Keep your chins up boys! Better luck next time" speech shows a disgusting lack of sensitivity. I have a better idea of where he can launch his next.

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