Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gemini Division Online Webisodes from NBC/Sci-Fi

Gemini Division is a new online Science Fiction available in bite sized (approximately six minutes) webisodes from the sci-fi channel and NBC. Two are currently available.

Set 5 minutes into the future: Anna witnesses her boyfriend Nick's gruesome murder... Determined to bring the people responsible to justice, Anna discovers Nick was not the man she thought - in fact, he wasn't a man at all. Nick Korda was a "Simulant" - a bio-engineered life form - connected to a global conspiracy involving covert military operations, bizarre genetic experiments... and a mysterious organization known as GEMINI DIVISION.

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We are kind of split on this. I found the listing on QuasarDragon and Wolfkahn had this to say
  • I wasn't too impressed by the series so far . It seems half Blade Runner, half really bad soap opera. However, as an early web SF series, it could pave the way for better low budget SF. It's free and the episodes are short so it is definitely worth a watch. If anybody has an opinion about the show please feel free to comment.
The look and feel, well he might be on to something there, but after seeing some of what others were offering...(earlier listing...) I can clearly see the production values shine here. There really isn't anything new here, maybe the way the show sets itself up with conversations through a video cell phone. Anyway, I am will to say, give it a go.


Deleted: The Game said...

Its so important for the interactive TV genre that Gemini Division puts on a good showing. This is the kind of innovative product that exploits the interactivity of the internet and changes the lean back viewing experience of traditional TV into something far more engaging. Its success would bring much needed attention to the indie interactive web scene.

Signing Rosario Dawson is a great choice, a sci-fi plot is a great choice, they've got a great storyteller in Brent Friedman, only thing I'm not so happy about is the staged release international (Gemini Division will be released first in the US then international by Sony). But I suspect the EFE team had a lot of breaking down walls to do in the deal making room as the vanguard.

The $1.75M budget is HUGE for the web TV world but my hope is that a nice chunk of that is allocated to marketing (and you can count Rosario’s paycheck in that) to bring attention to the nascent interactive web series genre … indies like ours ( will gladly ride this coat tail.

Deleted: The Game

Beam Me Up said...

hey, something is very wrong with Gemini it no longer exsists except for a web page with NO videos?@!! Oh yeah, I just went and took a look and could not play even the OLD episodes. Looks like someone took the 1.4 mil and split. There still is a not there that something is coming in September 1. But damn if you want to generate interest, why cut off your base? strange.