Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Anime on YouTube

Hey anime fans! (no Carole they are NOT cartoons!) FUNmation Entertainment just posted some really good news:
  • FUNimation just launched free episodes from four series on YouTube. Every week, FUNimation will be adding fresh new episodes for you to enjoy. Be sure to visit to see what's new every week. Also, be sure to subscribe to find out when we add new episodes.
Right now This is what they have listed for programs and episodes:
  • Blue Gender - Episodes 1-4
  • Kiddy Grade - Episodes 1-4
  • Peach Girl - Episodes 1-4
  • Slayers - Episodes 1-4

  • Blue Gender - Episodes 5-8
  • Kiddy Grade - Episodes 5-8
  • Peach Girl - Episodes 5-8
  • Slayers - Episodes 5-8
If your into Anime this is sweet stuff. It's a mixed bag, but I found a couple that I felt were worth watching. Also if your getting most of yours from Cartoon Network / Adult Swim (hey, I will take it anyway I can get it, I also watch Mondays on Sci-fi! lol) you will find that these are fULL episodes, just cut into bite sized chunks. No editing or censoring which as you know, both networks are famous for. I know, animated nipples are a no no...sheeeeeesh. gmafb


wolfkahn said...

Very Cool! I'll have to check them out. It's not SF but Slayers is quite fun, in a silly humor way.

paul said...

I didnt look at Slayers yet but I did watch a couple of episodes of Blue and its not half bad.