Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Escape Velocity Latest Issue on hold

Online magazine Escape Velocity from Adventure Books has made the startling move of putting issue 4 on permanent hold. According to the website: The first three episodes sold poorly which Adventure Books theorizes that their previous publisher to be a major part of the problem. At present Adventure Books is re-editing their books and moving to a different distributor/printer, Lightning Source.

Robert Blevins says he truly regrets putting issue 4 on hold and hopes the switch to the new publisher will allow them to continue with future issues.

I really think this inventive magazine merits support. If you would
like more information log onto Escape Velocity Magazine.

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Shaun A. Saunders said...

The first issue of Escape Velocity is available as a *free* download, and issues 2 and 3 are both just *one* dollar as downloads (this is amazing value - for less than the price of a coffee you can have all three)...so, there's nothing to lose, and much to gain if you like science & science fiction :-)

Beam Me Up said...

Thanks for mentioning that Shaun. Yes that is important. You can help support by getting the electronic versions which like you say are an incredible value.