Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mayan Underworld Found.

Archeologists in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula have discovered an impressive labyrinth of fourteen caves, filled with pyramids and stone temples. This discovery has led archeologists to wonder if a Mayan myth may have inspired this labyrinth or if it may have inspired the myth. Though, William Saturno, a Boston University expert on the Mayais fairly certain that the maze of temples was built after the story.

What is clear is that the Maya used them for elaborate rituals including, unfortunately, human sacrifice. All linked to a myth that the souls of the dead must follow a dog through darkness "on a horrific and watery path and endure myriad challenges before they could rest in the afterlife."

While archeology doesn't seem the most natural science to link to SF, countless great SF stories have dealt with archeology and myth. Delany's classic Ballad of Beta 2 comes to mind.

<National Geographic article on the discovery>

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