Sunday, March 17, 2013

Killer Dolphins Have Gone Missing

Out of what can only be reasonably described as that of a B movie about rogue mutant animals trained by mad scientists to kill all humans, comes the reality that the Ukrainian Navy may have a "broken arrow" situation on their hands!

Not some wayward missile, but initially a report I read on the Justin Gregg blog!  It started with a report from the Russian New Agency that reported that three of the Ukrainian military’s trained and armed dolphins had gone AWOL. 

Oh and hey wait, it gets stranger!  This report spread like wildfire over the web with photo-shopped photos of what the "armed" creatures looked like.   Check out the photos here!

But as all good things come to an end, so did this crazy story thread.  It seems that the voice of Russia, RIA Novosti appear to have sources at Sebastopol.  However the "sources" information would prove to be fictitious.  But not before the web had spread this "true" story to every corner. 

You can read more at the RIA Novosti page

and where I found it first on the Justin Gregg site

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