Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lost Girl Good For Season Four

Fans of the fantasy series Lost Girl rejoice!  Mark Wilson over at writes that SyFy has renewed the series for a fourth season.  Production should resume in April 2013 but don't look for the new episodes until 2014. 

Thirteen episodes have been ordered so we can look for a complete season.   No word on what we can expect plot-wise, however executive producer Jay Firestone assures us a roller-coaster ride.  Main character "Bo" alliances will be challenged and everything she thought she knew about her past will be turned upside down.


Anonymous said...

but they cancelled Eureka....

Beam Me Up said...

OK bout time someone addressed the 800 pound ape in the room! Because as good as Lost Girl is, and yes I am going to say it, or isn't they drop a show as quirky and fun as Eureka!

You are dead on the money Anon! and I am willing to bet that even though they are quiet, most of those on the sideline are agreeing.