Sunday, March 17, 2013

BMU 357 Is Now Online!

First off, Yes this show is a bit short.  On the original  program, I had exported all three parts to Mr. Blumlein's story instead of just the third part, so this version has pretty much all the content I wanted....but shorter.

Anyway, I noted that there is this push by the do-it-yourself  folk towards very sophisticated instruments that can be built from material around the house like construction paper and 
cheap cameras.  I noted an article that Ron had put on the blog about  paper adapters that could be taped over the camera of a smart phone and thought that was pretty damn inventive! A 
spectrogram out of paper and a smart phone!

Next I read contributor Kallamis' Weekly Roundup which runs the gamut from mini black holes to life in the universe. Yep he sure aims high. I did thrown in an article KNLA ran on their web site about findings from the mars rover Curiosity which reported results very much the same, however the still operational Opportunity’s data showed different results.

Earth-Sky is next on the agenda. On a dad note, Earth-Sky will be closing down this summer after a spectacular run.  They will be difficult to replace.  This week's articles ALMA telescope array is now fully functional. Next, research has shown that there are tens of billion planets in orbit around red dwarf stars in our own galaxy.  

From there, I started this week's story, part three of Michael Blumlein's Know How Can Do.

Sorry the program run short this week, I will be in better shape next week. 

Thanks for listening - enjoy

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