Sunday, March 24, 2013

BMU # 358 is Now Online

I open the program this week with a birthday announcement.

 Yes this week we celebrate the bithday of one if not the greatest starship captains that have ever existed   Yes, the 22nd of March is the birth date for James T. Kirk.  Captain of Galaxy class NCC-1401 Enterprise.  Played larger than life by William Shatner.  Kallamus writes : Shatner was born this day, in 1931, Montreal Quebec Canada.

Next, I found this short on Youtube for a company called SleepThinker that suggests that if you are bothered by dumb people than you are in a shrinking minority, it would be ever so easy to just join the majority and get dumb with their product minus-IQ.  The sales pitch is beyond hilarious   

Kallimus once again gives us his weekly run-down of news.   Kallimus covers everything from Apollo to a possible He-Man reboot.

Earth Sky articles are next  - sun or light pillars,  weather changes on Saturn's Titan after Saturn experienced equinox and exo-planets may have larger Goldilocks zones that astronomers/scientists first thought.

I take a break here and do some star trek trivia.  This week - Mr. Spock

Then it's back to the Beam Me Up blog before finishing the hour with pt 4 of our story.

Space X does a successful test flight of the Grasshopper reusable launch and landing vehicle.   Then an article sent to me by Xnewsman that discusses the ramifications  of  Earth being in the path of a Coronal Mass Ejection.    I do a review of the animated feature The Book Of Kells which is a fantasy retelling of the creation of the Irish treasure - an illustrated book of the Bible called The Book of Kells.  

Finally I play part 4 of Michael Blumlein's Know How Can Do.

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