Friday, March 22, 2013

Thank You Captain

     You all know who I am talking about here,                          
and if you don't, well then shame on you. I
just got reminded because of the girlfriends 
birthday today, so Shame On Me as well.
     William Shatner was born this day, in 
1931, Montreal Quebec Canada. 
     The character James T. Kirk was born 
on 3/22/2233.
     I could go on and on about Mr. Shatner, 
but what's the smegging point in doing so. 
     We all know who he is, and what he has 
done, and if you don't, well then why are you 
here anyway. To make it simple.
He is William Shatner
Greatest starship Captain of all time.
Captian James Tibreius Kirk.




Beam Me Up said...

whoops! caught me not paying attention! DAMN! Thanks for the update

kallamis said...

You and me both man. I was on my way to bed when she brought it up. Needless to say that is why the thing isn't set up as nicely as usual. But I figured we had all spaced it, and it needed to go up before midnight. So I found a pic, typed fast, and posted it.

Beam Me Up said...

saved my bacon! I never saw it and no one said anything, so when I came the article, I said Oh this is so much my opening for this week. I was going to open with "You too can be dumb!