Sunday, March 10, 2013

BMU # 356 Now Online

As per usual, I get my episode numbers mangled again. I keep calling this show 355 but it IS in fact 356. Sorry about that!

In show 356 of BMU I open with a song that describes what a “real” spiderman might be like…and yeah it is that funny.

Next I play episode 18 of the Dark Inspectre series by Jason Kahn.

Phil joins me for a discussion of one man’s effort to get a radio controlled flier to the edge of space. I have heard of many different kinds of items being flown, but I have to say this radio glider is a first I think. More can be found on YouTube on David Windestal at

I read Kallamus’ weekly rundown of events from Martian rover temporary shutdown to first ever evidence of an extra solar planet in the early stages of formation.

I next play several articles from Earth Sky.

Star Trek Trivia is next with questions like, do you know how many screens there are on the bridge of the Enterprise? or how many years can the Enterprise go without being restocked?

I then review “Writers on the Wrong Side of the Track” a very  “Dangerous Visions” type of stories.

How about two rat brains linked electronically?! It’s happened.

Finally part 2 of Michael Blumlein’s “Know How Can Do”

Complete episode HERE

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