Friday, March 08, 2013

Water On Young Moon Rivaled That of Earth

A study of Luna material brought back to Earth during the 1972 Apollo mission shows evidence that the moon, may contain as much subterranean water as the Earth.  

Estimates have it that Luna's mantle may contain 100 times more water than was previously thought. 

This could be more troublesome than anything however.  The present convention has the moon formed by collision with a Mars sized object and ejecting the moon as part of the collision.  If this is the case though, the the intense heat of the impact would have vaporized on the primordial moon.  

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Blizno said...

I don't see a problem. Sure, the water would have been vaporized, as would much of the rock and metal blasted away from the collision.
Some of the material would have been lost to space, some would have fallen back onto the very-different Earth and the rest would have eventually coalesced into the Moon. The brand-new Moon and probably New-Earth would have been molten from the colossal energy. Heavy material would migrate to the core, light material to the crust, etc.

kallamis said...

Considering the time that was thought to have happened, if I'm not mistaken, the Earth was still basically a ball of magma right? In that case, would there have been any water here at all in any substantial amount.

Anonymous said...

Aliens recently took a sample of the earths crust back to their home, and the analysis said, "could have once supported intelligent life".

kallamis said...

LOL, good one Anon. But there are a few of us left that try anyway. Pretty accurate statement though overall.