Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hey have you seen comet Pan-STARRS yet?   It is visible here in the Northern hemisphere at twilight in the southwest sky, and should be until the end of the month. 

Photographer Dan Finnerty took a series of still photos, in Altadena California, of the comet in the evening sky setting beside the moon.  The series is really spectacular!  Here is the Vimeo short film of the photos set in time lapse mode.
Comet Pan-Starrs Moonset from Dan Finnerty on Vimeo.

If it fails to play here, click the vimeo at the bottom of the video.


scbuzz said...

The weather here has been only mildly cooperative and I'd have to drive a ways out of town to get a clear look at the horizon (too many *tall* trees around my house). Hope to get up to the mountains before the end of the month...should get a nice view of it there.

Beam Me Up said...

That is the trouble I am having way to bright in my area plus the almost constant overcast conditions here in mid coast Maine. I used to live well outside the light polluted areas and even with a simple tele could see Jupiter's moons and Saturn's rings.. intown now and the tele is all but useless. Let us know how your quest end Scbuzz.