Sunday, March 03, 2013

Review: Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road

Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road
by Sassy Brit and Goodreads author editor Clayton Bye
p/b 312 pages

Couple of heads up with this collection.  First it really can not be described as science fiction and in most cases not even speculative fiction.  Then again, some are.

Each story has to be approached on it's own merits because the stories are so eclectic a mix that one bears little in common with others in the book.  

Eighteen stories varying in length from several pages to a full novelette length.

The best way maybe to describe this experiment is maybe to recall a series of story collections edited by Harlan Ellison called "Dangerous Visions" 

Now Ellison's collections were stories that often were collections of stories that in most cases could not find an outlet in the general media because of content.  

In that, we have stories many times stronger than Ellison's works, so it is likely these will only be available in this tome.  

They are explicit, no holds barred stories, from the most unusual love story Malpas at the end of the book, to Hold Up at the start, there will always be something that will push the point to strange new heights.  

If you are looking for science fiction here, forget it.  But if you want stories that you will not likely find anywhere else period, but entertaining none the leas, even if disturbing!

Available on Amazon and you will not feel cheated!!!

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