Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beam Me Up episode 326 is now online

Episode 326 of Beam Me Up!

Couple of good offerings this week, plus news and reviews. Like I have said….oh hell you already know lol.

Ok, I start off with a short on Neil Armstrong’s recovery from surgery. Also I make the observation of how many people just had no clue.

The first story for the afternoon is episode 11 of “In Plain Sight” by Jason Kahn. Then a session of Trek Trivia!

Next from EarthSky the new super Chilian telescope Alma is due to be at full strength by next year and scientist are excited by what they expect to get for output from the array. Plus more from EarthSky.

The Curiosity Rover is next on the conversation list. The landing and subsequent photos were exciting beyond all measure. Can’t wait for what comes next.

Finally I review the movie Outlander, which was as bad as it sounds.

In closing this week I end with part 2 of “All That Touches the Air” by An Owomoyela.

That and other incidentals this week on episode 326 of Beam Me Up

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