Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Landing Video From Curiosity Rover

Yep, I know, I am a bit fixated with the Curiosity Rover, but in truth, this amazing material keeps coming out and it is just amazing!

The rover it seems had video recorders going during the landing. Here we have a live video from Curiosity as it descended to the Martian surface. It is a short video, but then this all happened VERY fast. So, check it out!


kallamis said...

That's where I've been at lately myself.
If you saw the pics of that mysterious maybe object in the distance that vanished, the comments were great.
A blue police box.
A type 40 with a messed up chameleon circuit.
More people following the doctor I guess than I thought. Bunch of noobs though, but I'll take them.
I want to see that laser in action against a rock though. That's kind of what I am waiting for.
If we did find evidence of ancient life there, do you think the information would make it out, or do you think it would be covered up?
I'm voting for the cover-up concept myself unfortunately. If we found anything that actually was alive, I can guarantee it would be covered up.

Beam Me Up said...

I NEVER SAW IT!!! But there it is clear as nobody's business! Now how did I manage to miss that! But the minute you said call box, boom, der it iz.