Thursday, August 09, 2012

Armstrong Reported in Good Shape After Heart Surgery reports that Neil Armstrong is "doing great" after cardiac bypass surgery. This, according to his wife Carol Armstrong.

The 82 year old Armstrong entered the hospital earlier this week after a routine stress test revealed
four blockages in his coronary arteries.

Armstrong is said to be in great spirits and doctors expect him to recover from the


kallamis said...

One question, just one.
WTF isn't this on the main news pages. I just learned about it here right now.
I love this site.

Beam Me Up said...

you and me both son! I am going WTF what? Heart....Surgery?!!! and no one thinks that ummmm it is worth reporting? anywhere else and I would have said hoax but an NBC online site.... what the hell is going on Kall? I have had maybe 3 people have ANYTHING to say about Curiosity and now this?

kallamis said...

I was wondering that as well. I'm wondering how many are on vacation right now. It is that time of year. A lot could be out on vacation, or attached completely to the Olympics when they get home.
But yeah, I was kind of noticing everything was pretty quiet here the last week or so.