Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Curiosity Rover - On the Move...Sorta

Curiosity performed a set of maneuvers at Bradbury Landing putting it about 20 feet from where it landed. Did I hear you say "uhhhhhh whaaa, wait....where?' Yep you heard right, Curiosity's landing spot has been renamed Bradbury Landing after the renowned author Ray Bradbury.

Curiosity's movements consisted of forward, turn and reverse segments. This placed the rover roughly 20 feet from the spot where it landed 16 days ago.

In a news conference NASA/JPL confirmed the health of Curiosity saying "We have a fully functioning mobility system"

The rover will spend several more days of working beside Bradbury Landing, performing instrument checks and studying the surroundings, before embarking toward its first driving destination approximately 1,300 feet to the east-southeast.

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