Sunday, August 05, 2012

Beam Me Up Episode 325 Now Online

Yep, so what do normal people do when it's hot? Right, so what possesses me to set in a hot studio all afternoon? Yeah, I can't put a finger on it either.

So it's Beam Me Up episode 325. I start out with a read from Kallamis' article wondering if Generation Star Ships are indeed possible. Next, I wanted to get my review of Lockout (a space/prison offering) because it was right there on the blog in front of me.

Then on to our first story! Mark Webb's “Striking Twice” is a bit more than your average version of this story! Plus he managed to do it in Flash Fiction!

Next Earth Sky offers up a couple real good pieces of astro-science this week. The Milkyway is most definitly on a collision course with Andromeda, and the time is at hand...sort of...aaaaaaaand tropical lakes where you will never expect them!

Then it is time for Star Trek Trivia! Two new questions from the Star Trek Trivia tome! NASA has awarded monies to three American companies to develop a man rated space craft that will be able to put American astronauts in space from American soil on craft built in the US of A.

And our last story of the afternoon, part one of All that Touches Air by An Owomoyela read by our august reader Ron Huber.


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