Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Amazing in Motion Video by Lexus Featuring the Music of Kristina Train

Have you seen this amazing commercial by Lexus called Amazing In Motion "Steps" which features 11 foot tall metal puppets and  the song Wandering sung by Kristina Train which is a cover of the Aretha Franklin’s soul classic, ‘I’m Wandering’... .

The commercial is unusual in many ways because first it does not depict a real product, instead centers around an 11 foot tall lattice work puppet, brought to live by puppeteers dress in black holding control rods attached to key points along the puppet's frame and moving it in a very convincing lifelike manner.  Throughout the commercial, the puppet seems to be hunting throughout the city for something not brought to life until the very end.  

The short is a wonderful mix of scenery  acting and music.  

More about Mz. Train is available on her website KristinaTrain.com

Here is the YouTube video

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