Monday, May 27, 2013

Review: Ghost Machine

Right away, the title gives you a hint as to what is wrong with this movie.  Is it a ghost?  Is it a machine? Ahhh, I don't know and I suspect neither did the producer or the director.  The actors may have, but you can't prove it by me.  

So what is Ghost Machine?  First blush it seems to be a movie that couldn't figure out what to call itself so they just ripped off the first movie that even came close to the same plot, but believe me, not anywhere close enough.   But Ghost Machine is supposed to be a British SF movie about a group of hacker ( oh yeah, got to have hackers) no...they are online game players (oh even better) but wait...what game? Because now they are VR and they have absconded with a top secret military  hardware that runs a super secret VR SIM that I think they devised but now are hacking into?!!!  Oh and so they HAVE to steal it and set it up in a mental hospital / prison where medical experiments went on..  either way it's haunted...ummm but only in the machine....but can kill people in the real world.....  And you want to know what is worse?  The person who wrote the wiki article had less to say about this film that what I have written so far!  Did the director have the good graces to spread these tidbits through-out the film?  Nope, I got this in the first half hour and promptly shut the movie off.  

The only extra that this dvd needed was a way to destroy the disk and let out the evil spirits!

I am not even going to bother with more about this film.  I rented it, my loss, don't let it be yours.
Put the movie back on the discount rack and back away slow.  If renting...remove it from your cue before its' to late!

Oh, you want a rating?  without finishing the film is fair, but I feared for my sanity, but what I saw would hardly rate a 4....take heed.  This film blows.

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