Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review: Eden of the East

The anime series starts with a naked man with a cell and a gun standing outside the white house.  Through a few unlikely misadventures, a female Japanese  high-school student named Saki Morimi who is visiting Washington on a graduation trip is aided by this naked man who apparently has no memory of previous events except for his name: Akira Takizawa.  His only possessions are the gun and a very weird cell phone and several billion in credit available.  The money is to be used to "save" Japan in some unspecified manner.  However, it appears that there are 11 other Seleção with the same setup and their own plans.

Often, what makes a good anime series is one that convoluted and at time difficult to follow.  I don't mean a show that is deliberately obtuse to the point where nothing makes sense, but one with layer upon layer and nothing is quite what it seems.  Eden of the East is multi-layered but not to the point that you feel like your drowning but just enough that as the story proceeds, you have many "aha!" moments.  

Saki through out it all seems to be in the middle of a maelstrom so it is fun when she starts to put the pieces together. 

The artwork isn't too bad at all, but it is the story that really shines.  Anytime we are gifted with a good story line that isn't adolescent school girls in short skirts suffering the angst of who likes who and what high-school club your in.....well that is just golden, and Eden of the East has so very little of that type of anime, that you can't help but be intrigued.     

The story rates a 9 in my book and since I caught it on youtube, I can not speak to the extras...If you get a chance to rent it, I would give it a go!

original run 2009 with 11 episodes. 

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