Sunday, May 12, 2013

BMU #365 now Online!

Another hour that just flies by.

I play the conclusion of David Scholes Trath: The Final intervention, just to make sure that I get in them in this week.

Next from the blog and Kallimus:  Trouble with the ISS coolant again, Ray Harryhousen has passed away at 92, Neil DeGrasse-Tyson has a web site that promotes his radio program Startalk  and YouTube videos, there is a link on the BMU blog.  A company has developed a bulletin board that sends two messages, one to adults and one to children in a call to help reduce child abuse.  Check out the blog for more information. 

Earth Sky articles are next, the Milky-way, asteroids, temporary moons and Earth's shadow are on tap. 

I review the live action version of Death Note. 

And finally, chapter 3 of No Great Magic by Fritz Leiber a novelette from the sixties.  

That is it!  I hop you enjoy this week's offering of Beam Me Up.

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