Wednesday, May 22, 2013

RIP:Frederick J. Doyle, photographic mapping specialist for NASA

I will have to admit that I knew very little about Frederick Doyle past the point of doing high resolution space/luna mapping for NASA / Apollo. As well as helping develop some very sophisticated and advanced spysat photographic equipment.

  From the Washington Post article  
  • In 1969, Mr. Doyle became chairman of NASA’s Apollo Orbital Science Photographic Team, and he planned the camera systems and directed orbital science photography for Apollo lunar missions 13 through 17. 
  • In 1971, Mr. Doyle received NASA’s Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal for development of the Apollo orbital photographic system. He later directed photography projects on Mariner and Viking missions to Mars, Venus and Mercury

Mr Doyle died at 93 April 17th.


    kallamis said...

    And we lose another great one. Is it just me, or do they seem to be dropping like flies lately.

    Beam Me Up said...

    There seems to be a ghastly amount that have left, but it really shows how much the early space program influenced history. Son, they just ain't makin' them like that no longer....

    kallamis said...

    Yeah, maybe it's because it just seems like it was just last week for me so often. Especially the moon landing. It seems like it just happened sometimes, and other times it seems like it was ages ago. And yeah, they just don't make them that way any longer.