Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review: Lady Death - animated film

Lady Death takes place for the most part in the 15th  century Sweden.  The story centers on the young daughter, Hope, of a skilled and ruthless mercenary called Matthias who in fact is in actuality a  demon.  

Matthias is dispatched by villagers for him evil.  Hope herself is accused of consorting with the Devil and is sentenced to burn at the stake.  At the very last moment she is transported to Hell by winged demons.  Her body restored, she is taken to her father who in fact is the ruler of all the levels of hell 
and demands that she join him in ruling Hell.  Matthias/Lucifer forces her hand by showing that he has trapped he mother and the first true love.  

Refusing to join him, Hope is cast out to die, but instead she is transformed into a powerful demon in her own right and with other powerful demons join power to take down Lucifer.

Hope however finds out that she is still trapped in  Hell for as long as one of Lucifer's allies remains alive.

Not a badly animated film.  Looks very much like the work that used to come out of CLAMP.  Many of the graphics and back-ground have a very stylized look to them, which lends itself well to projecting the horror of the local without graphic death and dismemberment.  Though it is an animated film from the US,  Japanese anime fans will still enjoy it as well.   It seemed a bit dated to me however, not that the story or the graphics lacked anything, just the nagging feeling that it has been done before.   The movie deserves an overall 7 easily.  Worth a check.

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