Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sometimes NASA can be such Dicks.....

Harsh, I know, but let me bring you up to speed:

40+ years ago, upon its' return, the material that the Apollo 11 crew collected from the Moon was categorized and packaged for later study at various universities.  One of these was the Space Sciences Laboratory in Latimer Hall on the UC Berkeley campus.  After Berkeley studied the dust samples, they were packaged for return to NASA.  the ensuing hub-bub, a vacuum jar containing   vials of the moon-dust was accidentally moved to storage, where they sat until Berkeley Lab archivist Karen Nelson found the Moon dust — about 20 vials.  Nelson says there is no record of how they wound up in a university storage warehouse.  

Upon hearing about the find, NASA promptly requested the return of the samples. 

Am I missing something here?  Believe me, this is not the only sample NASA lost contact with samples.  How many times have we heard of people who have found or have in their possession whole rocks!  Now they are worried about dust?  Really? 

Any way, the article is short, click HERE to go to the whole article. 


Dave Tackett said...

I hear you. If they had told Berkely to study it, put it on public display, or return it, then it would have been reasonable. But this is just asserting power for power's sake.

Even Moon dust would be inspiring to look at. I've seen the Moon rock at the Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta many times. (Always a wow moment, even though it's a very plain rock)

Beam Me Up said...

The thing is, this is not the first time or the tenth time this has happened and there has been no change in attitude. It is not the position of NASA for a single incidence that has me annoyed but the complete lack of security, no mention of how prevalent it was then and still is, as such, no seeming interest in or the where about of the items, then to be this arrogant after the fact. Calling them dicks may be strong, but it was meant as an attention grabber....NASA is up to it same ole stunts again. Thats what annoys me.