Thursday, May 02, 2013

Review: Redline an Anime Movie

Redline is a 2010 anime film, running 102 minutes.  Released by the studio Madhouse in Japanese
with English subtitles.

Redline is an auto racing movie.  In the far distant future our main character JP qualifies for the REDLINE underground (against the law) auto race.  

As you can expect, the Redline race is a "no rules" competition with plenty of crashes, fires and other forms of constant mayhem.  The graphic are all over the top, almost suggestion an altered state while putting the frames together.  Psychedelic  colors and characters alike make for a surreal feel. 

It might take you a couple of tries but you can get through the movie and may even like it at the end. 
I had trouble getting started for the simple reason there is very little reality to grab a hold of and for me, that is a turn off.  Others have enjoyed just this aspect.  

The DVD has plenty of extras though so there is a plus for those that like deleted scenes or a director's commentary.   

I appreciate the effort that went into this film, but in the end I felt as though I needed a Bleach movie to clean my anime palette.   Rate 5 for the movie and 7 for the extras for an overall 6.  

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