Friday, November 09, 2012

Patent Foolishness a real WTF!

Here is a riddle for ya: What's a rectangle with rounded corners? Hint, it can ONLY BE ONE THING.

Yep, you heard that right, there is only ONE rectangular device with rounded corners in the whole world! Come on, it can't be that hard, there IS only one.

How can I say something so obviously wrong, why there are thousands of devices that are rectangular with rounded corners! Awcontraire mon ami! According to the Mashable Tech website:
  • Apple has been awarded a design patent for the “rectangles with curved corners” look of the iPad.
  • The patent — called “Portable Display Device” and includes Steve Jobs among its inventors — was filed in November 2010 (six months after Apple launched its first-generation iPad tablet), but was finally approved on Tuesday by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

That's right there can be only one! and Steve Job's invented it! Says so right on the patent app!  Not resting on its' laurels Apple has already gone after Samsung demanding several products be banned in the US outright!

How's that for developing a free and open market with the patent office protecting the small entrepreneur. I feel so much safer now knowing I am not being bullied by corporate entities!

How many times have we seen just such a scenereo in a science fiction movie or story huh?

Soylent Green is People! Its' People!

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kallamis said...

Yeah, tell me about it. Makes me think sometimes an underground shelter isn't needed for asteroids, comets, volcanoes, etc. I think one may be needed to vanish from site anymore with the idiocy going on. How the smeg do these people get away with this stuff. I read something that the t-bo or whatever that silliness is called in that sport has also gotten a copyright or something on it now.
Basically, pretty soon we will be paying someone royalties for having hair, or a certain eye color. And as for speaking, pretty soon all the celebs will have most of the words copyrighted as well I am sure.
Complete and total ignorance. I really would like to know how they get away with this stuff.

Dave Tackett said...

Completely with you both on this one. Copyright, trademark, and patent abuse has gotten completely out of hand.

kallamis said...

You know what. I have no money. But I think I should do this, or someone out here should. Insist on a copyright on our names. All of us. Lets use this new idiocy to copyright every one of our names. Then anyone that uses that name, in my case Don, or Donald, would have to pay me a royalty. Apparently that is what we are becoming here slowly but surely. So I choose my new name now.
I am now Kallamis Faljare, and I want my name copyrighted immediately.
Oh yeah, I can't do that can I? I'm not rich enough, or famous enough to do that.
And before you ask, the name Kallamis Faljare is a sorcerers name. So maybe I should shatter our laws, and apply for a copyright to my name.
And yeah, this makes me so freaking mad, I actually admitted to part of the truth of my past.
These people, and their rich nonsensical idiocy drives me fracking nuts.

Beam Me Up said...

It is more than just idiotic is not the electronic device itself, but how it is shaped and if you read the patent it is the design. So what about those foam dishes that day care and soup kitchens are famous for. Didn't say anything about internal dividers, just a rectangle with soft corners. No apple-sause for you lil Jimmi big Apple says we cant use their design without paying huge royalties.

Facetious? yes but think of the competition in tablets, massive cooling of new products and that is just the start. A mouse and an apple are the new giants of industry.