Sunday, November 11, 2012

BMU # 339 Now Online

I am excited about this week on episode 339 of Beam Me Up.

This week, for a taste of classic science fiction, I start off with part one of a libravox recording of Poul Anderson's Call Me Joe. A great work on tele-presence from a master author.

Earth Sky this week speaks about Jovian Trojan asteroids, which are very strange bodies!

Sandy it seems did more damage to some irreplaceable objects!

Prosthetic devices were big news in the past week. First is the Bebionic3 prosthetic hand which is a remarkably accurate prosthetic hand! And the gent who sat a record by climbing the Willis 103 floors? What makes it record breaking is that he did it while wearing an electric powered prosthetic leg! Leg tech has lagged behind that of hand and arms, but this development advances the tech in several well deserved areas!

Fox's series Fringe is ending it's run in January of 2013.

Apple and Microsoft have been granted patents that border on outright foolish to "how can this NOT be illegal?!!!" I spend a few moment covering some of this news that is listed on the blog.

Then to take a short break, I do Star Trek Trivia!!!!

Is math painful? For some it may be!

And finally! Erin Bassett's Clockwork episode 7

That is it for Beam Me Up #339, I think you will have as much fun listening as I spent this weekend doing it!



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