Monday, November 19, 2012

Apple Got Another Patent for WHAT?!!!

I just came across this goodie in the Register.  As you know, I have been on a bit of a tirade over well lack of a better term, frivolous use of the patent office.  Apple has been particularly cheeky as of late with some real good ones and not to be undone, here is their newest:
  • Apple granted patent for ebook page-turning 
Oh yes!  According to the article in the register:
  • the US Patent and Trademark office has granted Apple a new design patent,  entitled "Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface".
You can click HERE for the actual patent.  As you can see, it took three people to invent page turning...oh there is a joke in there some where.  And the absolute stunning amount of reference documents cited.....all for what in and of itself would seem frivolous.  

Electronic document page turning patent?  Really?  Is there no end to what the patent office will patent?

How is the patent office protecting intellectual property?  I understand the need for protection from someone trying to glom onto an idea as their own, just because they were bigger  or had more money, but even if this wasn't patented, I would think that the company that has more money than it knows what to do with could protect its own legal and legit properties...right?

Check it out...unbelievable...well not so much lately....but how long to the idea of breathing in and out......


kallamis said...

And here I thought this week was already nuts enough. They got another patent, for .... oh to hell with it.
How is this even allowed to happen.
Sometimes, the things that are allowed to be done in this country just amazes me to no end.

Beam Me Up said...

How does it happen....well you know just as well as I do. But at the core is a false sense that there is some sort of overseer that keeps foolishness from occurring...Which we know is not the case at any level.

Luke Linnell said...

It's the lawyers of this world. You know a lawyer got paid to generate the patent and lots of lawyers will get paid lots of money when someone (or some company) "infringes" on the patent.