Friday, November 02, 2012

The Dark Nintendoverse

Okay, this is kind of a messed up series. 
10 episodes total, and well worth the watch 
for anyone that loves video games. Or 
maybe hates them the way this series goes. 
Basically it is Super Smash Bro’s, meets 
Sin City, or something along those lines. 
It’s really messed up. The kingdom of Hyrule 
is gone, and Link and Zelda now work for law 
enforcement of the mushroom kingdom.
Matthew Mercer produced and directed this 
fiasco of a series. He has voiced many characters 
in the past such as the new Tygra, Leon S. 
Kennedy in RE5, etc etc.
You have Luigi selling mushrooms in boxes, Peach sleeping with both brothers, Ganon running amok, Kirby as a total wing nut and cannibal, and as for Captain Falcon and Angel, I’ll let you all decide for yourselves.
As for Mario, his gloves are normally covered in someone’s blood, and yes, he does use a flower and even a star during the series.
It is available on you tube, but I had better luck watching it on the main site. Here is a link for that site below.

When you have some time, and want to see a really messed up web series, here you go. I am looking at another one now that also looks really messed up, at least as far as old RPG'ing is concerned.

I would rate it an overall 7.4.  IMDB has it at 8.2 with 117 users voting. For not having a real budget, they did an incredible job. And the people overall pretty much look like the characters they are portraying. So if you feel up for a darker version of your favorite video game characters, this may be the web series for you. Enjoy folks.
  And as for Samus, yeah, she's hot.


kallamis said...

Ooopps. The name of the series is There Will Be Brawl. Sorry about that. Recommend the series, and forget to put the title in. The brain will work again one day. Really, I promise it will.

Beam Me Up said...

Kall, if you look at the end of your post, there should be a pencil graphic that will allow you to edit the entry.

As to the Nintendoverse, I have to admit that of all the schlock I have seen over the years I am finding it difficult to believe that there is something far worse out there and you described it so You have to ask yourself how self deluded do you have to be to think that this was something people would watch and like! Always hits a new level1!