Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Airport Avian Control, the Korean Way

Give it up to the Koreans!!  When birds become a problem at military or civilian air_ports, are dogs or men with rifles or shotguns hired?  Nope,  The Koreans build the coolest military robot / tank, or the weirdest and ugliest car ever!

Erring on the side of the military we are introduced to the UGV - or unmanned ground vehicle.  The UGV is like the police or armed forces bomb disposal robot om steroids!   The six wheel UGV is equipped with  daytime and night cameras and non weaponized  lasers.   The lasers have a range of a little over a mile to help deal with any birds that are out of acoustic range by flashing patterns in the birds direction .

The unmanned UGV is equipped to autonomously avoid obstacles and return to specific locations , should the station becomes inoperable.   Though not a tank in size it still is a bit of a brute. It measures  eight feet  long and weighs 1.2 tons.  

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kallamis said...

What can I really say here. I want one. But I want one with weaponized lasers.

Beam Me Up said...

why of course you do Kall! lol It is still RC...I want a seat and a vroooom pedal