Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Soldier of the Brell on Amazon & free for a limited time!

David Scholes just dropped me a note that I thought might be interesting to those who have enjoyed his fiction on BMU in the past:
I really can not say enough about this book.  Scholes has masterfully created an alternate universe where the Norse gods were not legends of old but a race of warriors with almost godlike technology.  The names are different, but you many of the legendary Norse gods in the ancient race called Brell who are long lived and have developed defensive and offensive weapons that make the wearer all but invincible.  With this armament, The Brell's last warrior fights true evil in unimaginable numbers.  

The Soldier of the Brell is certainly worth taking a look at and if you enjoy military science fiction and conflict  spread out over the millennia then you are in for a treat.  Plus the fact that for a limited time you can obtain the tale for free!

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